About Dulcian

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Founded in 1995, Dulcian, Inc. specializes in systems development for the Oracle environment. We support the entire system development life cycle from logical database and application design to performance tuning.  The business rules-based systems we build can be deployed locally or on the Web.

Dulcian has experience building small stand-alone systems, large production systems, and data warehouses. We have also been called upon to audit recently completed systems and to rescue unsuccessful development efforts. In addition to ensuring that on-site personnel are part of the team throughout the development process, Dulcian provides customized training courses to meet the needs of each individual client.  Our work is not finished until a full knowledge transfer to the client developers has been achieved.

Dulcian has consistently been a thought leader in system design technology. Over the years, Dulcian has developed numerous tools to facilitate rapid development for our clients using a variety of approaches including:

  • Repository-based software development (See information about our BRIM® tool)
  • Business process management using state transition engines
  • Generated user interfaces

Dulcian brings over 18 years of experience in building systems for federal, and state government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, manufacturing organizations, and educational institutions.

Our consultants have a broad business and technical knowledge base. We recognize that different types of systems require different development approaches. Therefore, we use a flexible design strategy that can be adapted for each customer’s project.

Our consultants are recognized experts in their fields, frequently presenting at national conferences and publishing books and journal articles (see our Resources page, white papers, presentations and blogs).